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Interested in Universal Life Insurance
with Living Benefits?

Flexible financial protection for CVS Health® and MinuteClinic® colleagues.

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Life insurance is a smart way to help protect your family. But what if you had an extra level of protection? How about a living benefit feature to help pay expenses for your care if you are diagnosed with a debilitating condition? Or protection if you need access to a loan*, or for life insurance coverage for your dependents? We’ve partnered with Transamerica to offer you coverage that provides flexible financial protection.

A good financial plan considers how you would cover costs if you have a debilitating condition in your future.

It’s not just for when you are elderly.

Accidents, disease or other illness can cause serious, debilitating conditions at any age. A surprising number of people facing these challenges are younger than age 65.

The costs and care expenses add up.

If you do experience a debilitating condition in your lifetime, the average annual cost of related care is rising — and it may not be fully covered by health insurance, disability coverage or Medicare.

Why should I consider it?

One policy, two benefits — Life insurance for your family and protection to help cover costs for living needs due to a debilitating condition.

Coverage for you and your family — If you enroll in coverage for you, you also can add coverage for your spouse/partner. Term life insurance is also available for children through an optional rider.

Guaranteed issue — No medical or blood tests required to enroll. 

Rates won’t increase due to age  — Rates are based on age when coverage begins and won’t increase due to age.

Portable coverage — Coverage is yours even if you leave the company or retire.

Future loans* — Borrow against the cash value of your policy once your account grows.

Who is it for? People like me.


  • Tony is 55 and, having watched his own parents’ health decline, wants coverage for potential care needs in the future for himself and his wife.
  • He purchases $100,000 in coverage for himself, which will provide a living benefit should he need it, or will support his wife financially in the event of his death.


  • Eric is 38 and the primary bread winner. His spouse is at home caring for their three young kids.
  • He likes having life insurance to protect his family, and a living benefit to help protect their financial future.
  • Because they’re a one-income family, Eric buys $75,000 in coverage for himself and $25,000 for his wife.


  • Jan is 27 and proactively building a financial plan for her future.
  • She likes the idea of life insurance to help a family member if something happens to her. She also likes building cash value for future access to a loan if she needs it.
  • She enrolls for $25,000 in coverage.

How much does it cost?

See for yourself. The cost for coverage for you and for your spouse/partner is based on age as of the effective date of the policy, tobacco/nicotine user status and coverage level. Note: For your spouse/partner, coverage options are $25,000 and $50,000 for spouses/partners up to age 65.

How can I learn more?


For enrollment questions

Contact a licensed benefit counselor with Winston Benefits at 1-844-459-8616. Representatives are available Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 8 p.m. ET. 

* Loans, withdrawals, and death benefit accelerations will reduce the policy value and the death benefit and may increase lapse risk. Policy loans are tax-free provided the policy remains in force. If the policy is surrendered or lapses, the amount of the policy loan will be considered a distribution from the policy and will be taxable to the extent that such loan plus other distributions at that time exceed the policy basis.

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